Hi and Welcome to Crestwave!

We work with a variety of companies, our clients, who offer a wide range of placements in different fields! These placements are for anyone regardless of age, previous experience, location or outside interests

We welcome everyone on board, and this is a good place to start for people looking to:

We offer excellent remote training, full support and valuable, transferable experience for the future!

During your placement, you will have access to various training, access to helpful tools, full team support and regular review calls about your progress, any questions or concerns and potential future opportunities.

You can quickly become a leader and manage a team of your own. Or you can work in a more client-facing role and enhance your networking skills by making connections and building relationships

The structure and conditions of the offers are usually as follows:

After filling in the application form, you will be contacted to start your trial week in a suitable role of your choice.

Upon completion of the trial period, you will be an official part of the client’s team and can start expanding your knowledge and improving all your skills as well as learning new ones!

The placements have varying time lengths based on what you are looking for and there is always potential to extend your stay with a client or go full-time if you’re the perfect fit for each other.

If you feel like you’re an independent individual looking for a challenge, this is the place for you!

Being part of the team means:

100% remote work with team members from across the world and coverage of most time-zones.

Training and use of a lot of SaaS tools which you will receive training for and can use to improve all your work.

Fully flexible hours and workdays! You have full control over how long you work and how you organise your schedule. 

Attending weekly training calls, and being part of social calls too, to get to know your team better.

Being a proactive member of the team.

Managing your time effectively and being prompt in your replies and fulfilling your responsibilities as best you can.

The benefits you will gain from working with our clients are numerous, but here are just a few of them so you get a taste:

You have the opportunity (and time) to focus on other responsibilities outside of your work with us.

Gain all experience that you need if you’re looking for a career change.

Great references for future job applications.

Expanding your network with social and work connections.

Creating your own brand and potential for improving your search rank.

Apply to any of the placements that are on offer by clicking here.